The time of nec…

The time of necessity alert

(Necessity is coming to the body of Christ)

For those who have a finger on the pulse of this world through knowledge of the prophetic scriptures, there is this feeling of the heavy weight of dramatic change hanging in the air. The hand writing is on the wall for America. Open your eyes and look at the obvious staring you in the face; America is being shaken.

Based upon, multiple, fundamental, technical, and timing, economic indicators, many of the economists that accurately predicted the Global Financial Crisis of 2008 that this world is still reeling from, are predicting that a catastrophic, painful, epic meltdown of the American financial system is inevitable.

Based on what they see in those indicators, these economists are predicting (connecting the dots) a crash of the Global financial system that will make the 2008 crash look like a “walk in the park”. They are calling what is to come, “the real crash-America’s coming bankruptcy”, that they expect to begin September/October of this year 2012.

It is when the illusion of prosperity that Americans live under, that is driven by massive debt, insane government spending, and out of control money printing by the Federal Reserve will crumble. If their predictions prove to be accurate, it will mean that the lives of every citizen in this nation will be changed in a dramatic fashion. The time of necessity has already begun even if it hasn’t yet reached your door step. Significant disruptions have already come for many Americans, and those disruptions will come to every American citizen in a way that will literally change the American way of life.

What does all this mean for you as a professing Christian in America? That which is occurring, and is soon to come to America is for the sake of the children of God. What is the difference between living for the Kingdom and living for the American dream? Christian’s in America have become American Christian’s instead of resident aliens from the kingdom of God who are Christian’s in America. American Christians have been shaped by the values of the American dream: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is why the false prosperity gospel-the belief that the external signs of wealth are a key testimony of God’s blessing, is so entrenched in the culture of the American church. It is natural for  American Christians to follow the American trend of moving up financially and materially, because living for the kingdom and success in the American dream are seen as one and the same.

God is going to use the coming financial crisis to forcibly extricate His children from the American way of life that is now ripe for judgment. Consider this: If something of great value to you, say a diamond ring got stuck in a container, your immediate reaction would be to try and shake it free. And if that fails, because that diamond ring is of such great value to you, you would shatter what traps it to get it back. Beloved, God is shaking and is putting to death the American dream, to get back what is of great value to Him.

The severity of the coming time of necessity will be determined by the individual need of God’s children, that is: how full we are of the worthless things of Self and this American world system. Selah!


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