Living in the closing moments of this age of GRACE

We are now living in the closing days of time: God’s great time clock is about to strike midnight. The handwriting is on the wall: time is short and judgment is prophesied to come to this Christ rejecting world! Soon the day of mercy will be over and Jesus will come for His church.

The tragedy of tragedies is that most of the professing church in America is asleep today. While Christians in other parts of the world have been sharpened by much suffering and persecution, many Christians in America have been softened by lives of full comfort and ease. Many devout Christians in other countries are willing to die for what they believe but here in America it’s hard to get people to even live for what they believe. Too many churches in America are characterized by apathy and spiritual laziness. Many churches in America have had the spiritual life strangled from them because they have allowed immorality and materialism and worldliness to creep in like a slow growing cancer. The church is in deep trouble when more of its members are lusting after things of the flesh and after materialism rather than the kingdom of God.

The majority of professing Christians here in America, have become American Christians, and have become enthralled by American pleasure and obsessed by American prosperity. Many American churches have become shamefully man-centered and backslidden, and have taken the leadership of Christ’s body out of the hands of the Holy Spirit and placed it into human hands and the results have been devastating. In the name of Jesus the church is entered by Christians focused on themselves.  The church has become a psychic smorgasbord for those who are experiencing difficulty or those who feel the need for more satisfaction in life. People who profess faith in Christ come seeking recreation for their kids. Financial and emotional counseling for themselves and want the services of the church to focus more on man-centered entertainment rather than God centered worship.

And we witnessed in the past presidential election, God’s rejection of the misguided and shameful focus of a large portion of the church in America, who have become lost in a vain attempt to become glorified reformers of American society in their failed attempt to defeat Barack Obama, God’s choice to lead America to the conclusion of its prophetic destiny. The attempt by these Christians was misguided because Jesus did not come to start a social revolution. He did not try to abolish the anti-God focus of His day. He did not lead a march against Rome in protest of high taxes. He did not campaign for the Democrat or Republican parties. His focus was not on the renegade kingdom of this present  age. He came to awaken the sinful, sleeping hearts of men and women.

The church is asleep today and has failed to take the commands of Jesus Christ seriously. Jesus knew this would happen (Luke 18:8)


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