Red Alert flash!!!! Are you living in a dream world

Red Alert Flash!!!! Are you living in a dream world?

Christ is coming back to get those who look like Him. The purpose of your life is to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ (Romans 8:29; 2 Corinthians 3:18). When people look at your life whose image do they see? Christ cannot be formed in a life controlled by self and this world.

As I said yesterday in how close are we really to the second coming of Christ; as prophesied, the history of the nation of Israel is repeating itself in the professing church. Just as the leaders of Israel, because of their greed, blindness, and ignorance of their prophetic scriptures, missed the clear signs that were screaming at them in the person of Jesus Christ, their long awaited messiah, and as a consequence caused the people to join them in their treachery crucifying Christ out of ignorance. In the same way many of the leaders in the professing church today, because of their greed, blindness, and ignorance of the prophetic scriptures, are once again, are in fulfillment of a key sign of the times, preaching “Doctrines of demons” causing the people to walk in ignorance and delusion, crucifying the Son of God again, by falling away from the true faith, into worldliness and carnality (1 Timothy 4:1-2).

Christianity today is abundant with people professing faith in Christ, living a fool’s paradise which is a false sense of comfort. They claim they are in Christ, they boast they are eternally redeemed. Open your eyes and look!!!! The people of the world are lost in darkness, spiritual blindness, consumerism and materialistic idolatry, with the pursuit of wealth, status, position and power. Tragically, this is an accurate description of most of those who profess to know Christ. In this prophesied end-time state of blindness, most of the professing church has surrendered to the spirit of this age, and is engulfed in the darkness of a false light, controlled by the impulses of the carnal human appetite of human nature-drunkenly stumbling along from one new fad to the next, IN THE NAME OF JESUS!!!!! (2 Thessalonians 2:1-12; 2 Timothy 3:1-9; 4:1-4; 2 Peter 2:1-3, 14-18; Jude 3-4; 1 John 4:1)

Adrift in spiritual confusion most people in the professing church have no sense of urgency of the times. Ignorant of the signs of the times crying out from the heavens “Jesus is returning soon.” THE DREAM WORLD IS SELF-DECEPTION. The darkness of this hour comes from the Self deception of the religion of the sovereign Self where Christ is simply a means to an end instead of the end. In the religion of sovereign Self the people are not so much there to serve God as God is there to serve them. People who engineer their own religions are generally well pleased with their choices. They believe that God approves of their ways-ways that are in direct contradiction with the word-Spirit and heart of God (1Corinthians 2:1-5, 12-14).

The cult of popular church culture, led, taught, and directed by personalities bigger than Jesus, has drunk so deeply of the spirit of this age (the world spirit), that it has developed an addiction to the Self-centeredness of this age where the world spirit is seen as compatible with Christianity. The world is after success, profit, power, privilege and pleasure and so is most of the professing church. The madness of this addiction causes the people to attempt to harness the power of God to the priorities of Self centeredness. Burn this in your brain: If a man becomes the issue and focus of a church/ministry, Jesus becomes merely a figure-head and not the head of that church/ministry. Selah!

Until next time, Elder H


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