Time is running out

Time is running out!

We are living in the final convulsions of the times of the gentiles (Luke 21:24; Romans 11:25). The final act – the seven years of Tribulation (the time of Jacob’s trouble) will be soon (Jeremiah 30:7; Matthew 24:6-8). From what we are witnessing on a global scale there should be no doubt in the minds of the Bride Of Christ that this current generation is the last generation prophesied to be remaining on earth at Christ’s second coming.

This means that the Lord Jesus Christ is about to snatch His bride out of this chaos (1 Thessalonians 4:13=17; John 14:1-6). We do not know the exact day or hour of that event, but we do know the season (Matthew 16:1-3; 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11). We just have to keep our eyes on the conditions in the gentile nations of this world, the conditions in Israel, and the condition of the professing church, as they fulfill God’s prophetic landmarks and arrive at the season of the end of this age. The 20th century saw the prophetically earth shattering rebirth of the nation of Israel, the star player in biblical prophecy. Israel is isolated on the world stage, fighting for its very survival, as the drum beat of war in the Middle East grows louder. The 20th century saw the subtle, gradual leavening of apostasy within the church that began with the very birth of the church 2000 years ago, and has culminated into today’s condition of the apostate last day’s church.

The major sign of the antichrist coming on the world stage is the apostate condition of much of the professing church (2 Thessalonians 2:1-12). Matthew 5:13 reads: “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is good for nothing but to thrown out and trampled under the feet by men. In these words the Lord Jesus Christ established at the very beginning the distinctiveness and separation of the church. He warned that if the sharp distinction is ever broken down between the church and the world, then the power of the church is gone and the church becomes worthless.

What we are witnessing amongst the Gentile nations in this year 2013, which will bring the 12th year anniversary of September 11, 2001 (9/11), in the 13th year of this 21st century,  is that today’s financial crisis is global affecting the entirety of humanity all which will be pulled into the vortex of financial crisis and instability. Because, given the globalized and integrated worldwide financial system any financial imbalances or disturbances will radiate everywhere, touching everyone.

Without a doubt, we are now in an era where the major central banks of the world are desperate. The head of the European central bank gave this eye opening statement in an interview: “We are currently in a crisis that was previously considered inconceivable it is therefore not very helpful to compare our current measures with the past”. All the world’s central banks have chosen to break all the rules manipulating monetary systems for their own survival creating infinite money out of thin-air as never before.

The conversion of the whole world to the gospel of “infinite money” is nearly complete and fully integrated globally. These being the very last of the last days, you can be sure that such conditions born out of the corrupt unsustainable monetary system as we see today, will play a major role in leading the world to its prophesied destiny as described in the bible. Providing the platform on which the antichrist will rise.

The financial crisis of today which is a direct and designed by God consequence of humanities continued defiant response to the confrontation of 9/11, which God is using for the fulfillment of His word. This year 2013 brings the numbers 12 and 13 together. According to E.W. Bullinger in his scholarly work “Number in Scripture” the number 12 one of the numbers of divine perfection represents the government of God. And the number 13 represents the governments of men in rebellion against God. The number 13 in the scriptures in its every use is associated with rebellion, apostasy, defection, corruption and depravity.

Concerning the Gentile nations the number one key to recognize is that America the Gentile world’s last remaining superpower has fallen, and has become integrated and is marching in lock step with the global realities shaping our lives. BURN THIS IN YOUR BRAIN: for the antichrist to come to power there can be no world power to oppose or undermine his coming rule. Now in America we have three terminal processes in motion, which is the evidence that God has abandoned America to its ways.

  1. America’s economy is bankrupt and America has become the world’s largest slave debtor nation. No nation in the history of the world has gone so far into debt and returned (Proverbs 22:7).
  2. America has exalted sodomy/homosexuality in all areas of life as the rule of this nation. A fact that President Obama declared in his inaugural address “Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like everyone else under the law”.  A reference to the continued battle over legalizing gay marriage.
  3. The legalized convenience of abortion on demand has resulted in the murder of 50 million unborn children in the 40 years of abortion on demand. A reality that will not be overturned in this nation.

“No nation fitting the description of the United States is mentioned in last day’s prophecy. America plays no prominent role in what is to come. As the only super-power for the last 25 years or so, this country’s military, economic and political world influence must fall, for God’s plans to come to pass. This is a fact that will not change. Life in this country, as we know it, is over and you had better wake up and smell the coffee.

Our Lord and savior will soon snatch out of harm’s way, those who are watching and longing for His appearance. The rest will be left behind to suffer the worst era in the history of humanity. This world is rapidly being prepared to be ruled by a demon possessed tyrant, and he is just about to step on the world stage. Before it is all said and done, literally three-fourths of every living soul will be dead, and the earth will be destroyed.

Nothing on this vile earth is worth being left behind to face the tribulation. Time is quickly running out. Get your hearts right with God!  Put Him first in your life; no other gods before Him. Surrender your dreams and plans for a future that no longer exists. Surrender your ambition for more money, education or stuff in a future that no longer exists. Clean out anything, and everything, that takes first place in your heart, and willingly bow your knee to the one who died for you. Walk away from the self-centered life you coddle and cherish”.

God is preparing to liberate this earth from Satan’s ruthless rule. The bride of Christ serves as God’s early warning system. From our watchtower of faith we are to see what is on the horizon and pick up on our spiritual radar screen the clear and present danger. We know what is going to happen based on the clear biblical facts, and are to declare it with confidence searching and crying out for in prayer those who have ears to hear.


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